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  In the culinary world herbs hold a VERY special place. Consider this: the seeds of most fruits are considered a nuisance, to be picked out and discarded. Nuts on the other hand are seeds, but in most cases the only part of the plant used(walnut and hickory being two notable exceptions). A unique characteristic of this herb is that both the leaves and seeds are of value. It’s a Dilly!!!  
  Dill is the quintessential springtime herb, and the featured herb in this month’s featured recipes! Yes recipes! Another bonus, two saucy recipes sure to bring compliments to the chef. A very unique slaw dressing, and a delightful dill sauce, the perfect accompaniment for that spring trout. Both recipes, of course from our award winning cookbook - which also contains a recipe for Trout Steaks with Herbed Crust, just the thing to put under the Dill Sauce.  
  Connect with some of the oldest friends of cultivated gardens: herbs! Thirteen weeks of giveaways and drop in activities every Tuesday 10:00 am to noon from June 2nd-August 25th, 2015.

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     The St. Louis Herb Society does not dispense information on or recommend the use of herbal remedies.
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